In the practice of art therapy, a range of art making materials are available to choose from.   These materials include pencils, crayons, paints, papers, clay, magazines and other art materials.  Often magazines are used to choose relevant images for collage use, providing an easy introduction to image making.  The art making assists in the telling of story and in the exploring of the issue.  The art helps to externalize what is an internal process, and the act of seeing the issue in the work tends to supports awareness and clarity.  The art making can be cathartic, allowing the expression of emotion.  Many of us have unexpressed emotions from the past that remain in the body, and avoiding these can keep one stuck in self-defeating ways.

The use of colour and image in the art making process allows the intuitive wisdom to find a voice.  Those new to art processes need not be concerned, you will be guided in the use of materials in an atmosphere, supportive and safe.

Art therapy is different to the traditional forms of making art, the focus is not on the finished product (or on the quality of the art making) but on the process of self-expression.   The benefit is in the doing, the expressing and in the insights. In these processes, there is the opportunity to connect with a felt truth, giving a fresh prospective to an issue.

Interpretation of the Art

Please note that any interpretation on the art making is done by the individual not by the therapist.  The artworks below are my works and not those of a client.


“Art has the potential to transform lives and often in profound ways; research is demonstrating that art improves not only our quality of life, but also is effective in reducing pain, fatigue and stress and increasing cognitive abilities and emotional well-being.”

                        Cathy A. Malchiodi, PhD


The first image depicts the expression of anger.  In the collage (in this case torn images and words from magazines) and drawing of the anger, the emotion finds expression and release.   The discharging of the emotion, allows the individual to move to solutions and to a new prospective in relation to the issue.





This next series of art works depict the beginning of a project. In the first image there is potential, but also the uncertainty of how the project will take shape being expressed in the image.

The following artwork depicted the inclusion of the roots and more form to the plant. However the project is still in the delicate stage of it's infancy but is begining to take root.

In these processes the images will often come from an intuitive place, bringing unconscious awareness to light.