About Me

I'm Catherine Elliott

Welcome to the website.  I am pleased you have found your way here, and given me the opportunity to introduce myself.

I draw on many styles of therapy and counselling in my work.  The type of support I use depends on the individual’s needs and aims.  One style I use is Art Therapy.  I have considerable training and experience in this area of therapy.  Art Therapy is a method that is not so well known, and to find out more, please go to the Therapy menu button.  Be assured that someone who comes to see me, may prefer to work in other ways and not use art therapy methods.  However for others, including art making, is an important part of sessions.

People may choose to come to see me:  

  • For professional or personal development.
  • To develop skills in working through difficult emotions.
  • At times of change and transition, or to support at times of grief and loss.
  • To help manage the effects of past or recent trauma. 
  • At times of low and depressed mood, or to manage anxiety.
  • To help with relationship dynamics and issues.
  • For support when experiencing altered or expanded states of conscious.  Such experiences maybe considered to be a psychotic episode or psychotic illness.  These experiences can have a confusing and major effect on the persons life.
Services for Mental Health Professionals

Clinical supervision for professionals is offered in the individual session format.  The use of art making can help to work though emotional content and gain insight into difficulties and challenges with clients.  I work with mental health professionals, and others who are working in the support of others.

Workshops for professionals are being planned for 2020.  Please advise if you would like to be on the mailing list to be advised when these events have been finalized.  

My Qualifications

Masters of Mental Health Nursing from the University of Queensland. Credentialed Mental Health Nurse.                                                      Diploma in Emotional Release Counselling & Transpersonal Studies.  Certificate in Narrative Therapy.  I have 40 years professional experience in the care of others.  I am also a long term meditator and have studied the energetic systems of the human field and apply this knowledge and skills to my support of others.